Montag, 29. April 2013

I'm Your Housekeeper

hey guys,

finally a new outfit post!
i have, as always, been very busy lately and was just able to reblog some images on tumblr and take some snapshots on instagram. today i am off and i was totally looking farward to make a post here again.
i found that amazing dress at H&M a couple of months ago and have only worn it once since then. but spring has arrived over here and now its time has come. hope you enjoy!

lots of love,

boots: Demonia
dress: H&M


  1. Gorgeous! I love how you paired the boots and dark lipstick with it. You look fantastic. :)

  2. Das Kleid ist aber schön! :)
    Und die Spinne, die unten auf deinem Blog krabbelt ist ja mal cool! :D Nicht so langweilig, wie diese Fische, die man ständig sieht, die der Maus hinterher schwimmen! ;)

    Lg. Sophie ♥

    PS: Auf meinem Blog gibt es zur Zeit einen Fotowettbewerb. Wenn du Lust hast, schau vorbei! :)

  3. Such a cute dress!!! Love it!!!

  4. Best boots ever honey!! I love it <3!!

  5. Das Kleid steht dir richtig gut.

  6. I love this outfit so much! I'm obsessed with little lace collars at the moment and with those boots it just looks perfect :)

  7. Simple, but lovely Outfit! I really like the black lips here!

    * Wonderland gone mad *

  8. wish you were my housekeeper

  9. schön schön schön! x