Dienstag, 25. Dezember 2012

Happy Holidays

hello lovelies,
i think it's official that we survied doomsday and are now all celebrating christmas!:-P i wish you all a very merry christmas and that you had a peaceful christmas eve surrounded by your loved ones! i had a super lovely evening yesterday! first we went to my grandpa who is at a nursinghome nearby. it was the first christmas he wasn't able to spent at my parents', because he isn't able to move out of bed anymore. it was really hard to bear to see him like this:-( afterwards my aunt, uncle, my parents and me went to my parents home to have dinner together! fondue was so yummy as every year. after eating, we handed out the presents. after my aunt and uncle had left, i moved on to my boyfriend's family, where we spent the rest of the evening. i am so greatful for this peaceful day! i didn't take my camera with me, so i am not able to show you some pictures, but i think what really counts, are the memories in my heart.
i am super lucky that holidays have started at least. finally a lot more time to work on my blog and to post some nice outfits and all that stuff i haven't had time to do during the last weeks, which had been quite stressful. i got a couple of really nice presents for christmas - i will show you in some outfit post the next couple of days! among them a Spirit Hood and some clothing from Ivory Jar!!!

to complete this post, i want to show you some pictures i took on the island Föhr during a really hard winter - well, at least for the part of the world i am living:-)


  1. Beautiful pictures, how I wished it could snow in Christmas where I live!

    Cool Shooting ,$ophie xx

    1. I am wishing for snow this year,too. But instead temperatures are spring like- 20 degrees

  2. Those photos are so beautiful!
    Sounds like you had a nice christmas eve :)
    Happy christmas dear!!!
    http://b-by-bel.blogspot.fr/ (new post^^)

    1. Thanks a lot Bel! Hope you are having a nice christmas, too!!!

  3. Die Bilder sind wirklich wundervoll! Man spürt beim ansehen fast schon die Kälte! Freue mich dass du so schöne Weihnachten hattest :3

  4. Wow, wunderbare Fotos!! Hoffentlich kommt bei mir der Winter auch noch einmal richtig.

    Alles Liebe,

  5. was für hammer Bilder! Richtig schön :))

  6. Die Bilder sind der Hammer, genau mein Nerv!!
    Sau stark!!!