Freitag, 23. November 2012

Deep in the Woods

hey guys!
these pictures were taken in october on our trip to the alpes and i hesitated a long time to put them on my blog because i thought i looked too fat in them. (i had over six kilograms more and after browsing through the pictures i knew that i had to change something!) but on the other side i loved that fotoshoot so much, the location was just perfect! so after developing them, i decided to load up some selected ones anyway. and the results are better than i originally thought.

 jacket: Urban Outfitters
shorts: Urban Outfitters
shirt: Urban Outfitters
boots: Jeffrey Campbell

Montag, 19. November 2012

Black Velvet

 "The world is beautiful, but has a disease called man."
Friedrich Nietzsche

hey out there. here is another outfit post. i got that beautiful black velvet dress on saturday and didn't had time to shoot it until today evening. unfortunately it is always dark outside when i return from university or work, so today we had to use our living room as a location. tomorrow i am finally dyeing my hair again. yay! wish me luck that it will turn out good.

 velvet dress: Gina Tricot
 cross chocker: Gina Tricot
moon necklace: Evil Twin
pentagram necklace: Metal Box
Boots: Jeffrey Campbell

Sonntag, 18. November 2012

Sunday Thoughts

"Science without religion is lame, religion without science is blind."
Albert Einstein

Samstag, 17. November 2012

Kill Star Clothing Co

let me introduce you to this super cool online-shop. i discovered it while browsing through my fashiolista and it was love at first sight:-) here are some of my favourite items - hope you enjoy!

"KILL STAR is an underground clothing company, comprised of provocative thinking and unconventional ideas.
Combining great design and unsurpassed quality, Kill Star has quickly gained a following amongst Internet addicts, trendsetters and retailers worldwide.
Giving the middle finger to the mainstream, Kill Star explores the dark and unorthodox. Witchcraft, Alien Encounters and Famous Icons are common themes, graphically manipulated to offer a distinct and effortless fashion for the individual.
Over-sized prints, studded leather and deconstructed denim are all part of the brand and with their twist of darkness, channeling emotional power and raw energy into every thread.
‘Total Trash Haute Couture’ – Made in the United Kingdom since 2010."

Freitag, 16. November 2012


i wanted to show you some pictures i took on our last summer holidays in sweden. one of the best holidays i've ever had, just the two of us and leica. it was so relieving to be out of the city, less people, less stress, less cars...just nature and the dolce far niente. we spent our days riding our small motorboat on the lake, long walks in the woods, cooking, sitting by the fire and going shopping for food in the city, which could be reached by car in half an hour. our house was a small selfbuilt red timber cottage at the outskirts of a forest. we had no neighbours because the other house wasn't finished and therefore uninhabited! i was hoping to see some moose one day right in front of our house, but we were out of luck ;-)

our house was the smaller one on the left! so cute!
the romantic small lake behind our house
leica - everyone loves doggie-pictures :-)

one day we visited Store Mosse National Park, which has such an amazing landscape and is totally different from the surrounding nature. it is europes biggest wetland south of lapland.

just some minutes by foot from our house was a bigger lake, where our motorboat was anchored and we enjoyed discovering the lake on every single sunny day.
our small boat

in the evening we often sat by the fireplace or in front of our small home and just relaxed and enjoyed the incredible silence.


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Donnerstag, 15. November 2012

DIY - Studded Backpack

hey guys!
this is going to be my firsts DIY. i have looked for the perfect studded packpack everywhere. of course it should had to be black with a lot of studs and big enough to carry all my university stuff. but i didn't find one on the internet, they all were too small, too expensive, or had to be ordered from somewhere on the other end of the world. so i decided to make one on my own. i ordered that super cheap black backpack from Metal-Box for just 17 euros and over 200 studs from Thal-Versand 
which were, as you will see, not enough:-)
studs, studs, studs
first steps
killer spikes
nearly finished

as you see: i need more studs!!!
i am gonna make a second post as soon as my work is finished, maybe in combination with the matching outfit.
so long!...take care and have a nice evening, day... or...whatever:-)

Dienstag, 13. November 2012

Oh I Wanna Have!!!....

i found a couple of items on Zalando i really wanna have. its a shame that i am out of money as usual! the dress is so pretty, exactly what i was searching for, as well as the headband. (studs,studs, and even more studs!!!) both items are from Bitching & Junkfood. i am totally in love with that dark style at the moment. the triangle shirt is from Eleven Paris VISIONAER. this brand offers a lot of really nice clothing, you should take a look! the cardigan is made by VILA. i love how the different materials are mixed and i just noticed that i have not a single black cardigan.