Montag, 29. Oktober 2012

Darkish Day

hey guys:-) today my black lenses have arrived. actually i ordered them for a halloween party but i really think, combined with the right outfit, they would work well as an every day highlight! lenses are from "ColourVUE" and are super comfortable to wear. i can feel no difference between them and my every day lenses.


  1. oh gosh you are so beautiful <33

    so sorry that i haven't had time to write mail for you.... this week is going to be busy as hell so i'm quite sure that the next time when i'll have time is weekend :(

  2. Schnuuu. .. Wahnsinn!!!!!!!

  3. wow! Those black lenses look great on you! I wear color lenses a lot, but have never dared black ones! I think they would just look creepy on me!
    Just wondering, how do you keep your hair so nice with all the dying?

    1. thanx for the comment bel! mhh i am doing nothing special with my hair- just washing and a some conditioner from time to time! and olive oil daily:-)

  4. WOW ! <3 Du bist wunderschön !
    Und danke, ich freue mich immer so über einen neuen Leser :) <3

  5. Obwohl das nicht so meine musik ist, finde ich sie
    Doch ziemlich cool, daher danke ;)

  6. oh my god! this black lipstick suits you so well, im so jealous :-)
    yeah, well, i have used black lipstick also, but im too shy to wear it public.
    It is a shame that some people are just more brave than others. (about outlook and dressing) I think everyone should dress like they would like to!